Work at Savio

Be A Changemaker 

You can be the critical piece that restores stability to families and ensures children fulfill their potential. At Savio, you will receive the training and supervision needed to support families, and drive change so kids have the family they need.


Be Protected

Savio offers health insurance for employees working at least 24 hours per week and their dependents, as well as dental, vision, and pet insurance. 


Generous Vacation

Savio offers generous vacation time package starting at 6 months of employment and increasing as you stay with Savio. Full-time employees accrue 4 weeks of vacation time each year after working with Savio for three years.  


Profit Sharing Plan

Savio’s contributes toward employee retirement without requiring an employee contribution! Employees are eligible after one year.


Live a Balanced Life 

Many of Savio’s therapeutic positions offer a flexible scheduled so you can integrate your work into your life. 


Professional Development

Savio provides extensive training in its evidence-based models to help you grow as a therapist and help kids and families thrive. 


Grow with Savio

Savio emphasizes training and hiring from within to support the growth of its employees. On average, our program and executive leaders have been with Savio for more than 12 years! 

The most rewarding part of my job is building rapport with these families and supporting their transformation into stronger, more empowered, hopeful, and skilled caregivers.
— Kris Molinari, Lead MST Therapist, Savio


Savio offers year-round internships for bachelor’s and master’s level students in the fields of counseling, human services, or social work.  Students receive the opportunity to develop their clinical skills while receiving training in an evidence-based model and professional support. Most of Savio’s services are provided in the clients’ homes or have an in-home component and require flexible scheduling during the weekdays with some clinical opportunities available during the evenings and weekends. 


Preparing you for a life-changing career  

  • Training in an evidence-based model 

  • Bi-weekly individual and group supervision 

  • Professional consultation  

  • Intern cohort sharing your journey 

We get the opportunity to practice and develop clinical skills in both individual and family therapy as well as experience working within a multidisciplinary team.
— Savio Intern

For more information or to apply for an internship, contact: Beth Humphrey, LCSW by email or phone 720-326-3717.