Holiday Homecoming

“This is starting to feel different”, Marcus thought to himself as he sat on his living room floor, his mom in her wheelchair to his left, and Melissa, his Savio therapist sitting with him on the floor to his right. It wasn’t the feeling of the hardwood floor beneath him that felt different. He had […]

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When Kids Fall Through Funding Cracks

Norma Aguilar-Dave, Savio’s Executive Director, was sitting in her office on a typical Friday afternoon when she received a phone call from a colleague at a local mental health center. “I’m hoping you can help a fourteen-year-old boy in a bad situation,” the woman began. The caller sounded exasperated, which told Norma this was a […]

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A Thanksgiving Setback

It was the Monday morning after the long Thanksgiving weekend, and Britton was just easing back into the work week. Her phone rang, and she glanced at her caller ID and saw it was her client Kristi reaching out unexpectedly. Britton had been working with Kristi since March as part of a voluntary program for […]

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