About Savio

Savio is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization serving Colorado’s Front Range. Our organization provides specialized support, treatment, and intervention services that have been proven to promote child safety and effective parenting, and to stabilize adolescents in family care and other environments of long term support.

Mission & Vision

MISSION – Savio House is dedicated to eliminating violence, crime, drug and alcohol abuse, child abuse and neglect, and other destructive behaviors in families through care, support and education.

VISION – Savio House will be the preeminent child and family treatment center where the most caring, culturally appropriate and effective strategies enable families to resolve conflicts and live harmoniously in the community.


How was Savio started, by whom and when?

In the early 1960’s, four philanthropic citizens decided to start an orphanage in West Denver. They purchased a beautiful red brick mansion built in 1910 at 325 King Street. The building had been used as a tuberculosis ward and had a dormitory attached to the back.

What is the administration and governing body?

Savio is supervised by a Board of Trustees (9), a majority of whom are Denver Lions, and a legal counsel. They employ the Executive Director, Norma Aguilar-Dave, who in turn leads a staff of approximately 213.

What is the budget and what percentage is administration and fund raising of the total budget?

The budget for 2015 is $12.8 million. The percentage of administration and fund raising as part of the total revenue as per the 2014 IRS 990 (most recent available) was 7.2 percent which means only 7.2 cents of every dollar raised and earned goes to management or fund raising.

Who does the agency serve?

Savio serves low income families who are experiencing child abuse and neglect of their small children or delinquency with their adolescents.

Has the agency been recognized locally and nationally?

Throughout Savio’s history it has received numerous awards for excellence in its field. In 1987 Savio was one of the top ten Lions Club projects worldwide. The year 1999 brought Savio its first national federal grant to implement a blueprints program. In 2009, Savio became the first agency in the world to implement the new Multisystemic Therapy/Child Abuse and Neglect project. Three agencies were selected and Savio was the first one to complete the implementation. Savio is accredited by the national accrediting organization, Council On Accreditation (COA).

How do families benefit from Savio services?

Savio intervenes in the lives of families to strengthen them so they may keep their children and remain an intact family. Without these services, most of which are delivered in the families’ home, children and adolescents would be placed in foster, group and correctional care. The pain inflicted on the child, even when removed from a frightful home, is extremely destructive and the negative implications for society are multiple. Our goal is to educate families in a prompt fashion and to quickly terminate our intrusion into their lives.

Explain Savio’s sources of income, fundraising and office locations?

Savio has 30 contracts with city, county and state organizations and provides 28 services to the community that touch over 6,500 Coloradoans every year. Purchase of service contracts support the operating budget of $12.3 million. Fund raising, which is mainly through foundations, Patrons and Savio Volunteers, many who are Lions, give the resources to develop the physical plant. Savio has two large sites in Denver (325 King Street and 1530 West 13th Avenue), a group home located in Lakewood, one campus in Colorado Springs (525 East Uintah), a leased office in Longmont and an office in Cañon City. Savio provides services up and down the Colorado Front Range and in numerous mountain communities.

What is the future for Savio?

The Trustees wish to continue expanding the delivery of evidence-based treatments which have proven to be so successful and to expand the Savio Endowment Fund so that it can generate funds to deliver services to families who, although poor, do not qualify for public support and are in need of help.

What is the link between Savio and the Denver Lions?

Lions International logoSavio is one of the pillar projects of the Lions Club of Denver, and has been recognized as one of the 10 outstanding services provided by Lions by Lions Clubs International. Members of the Denver Den serve on the Board of Directors of Savio, with many Lions Club members personally supporting the work of Savio with financial and in-kind donations. Savio is a separate 501(c)(3) owned by the community.

What is Savio Management Group?

Savio GroupSavio Management Group is a division of Savio House providing custom database development and management, fiscal agency, and provider network services to local and state government agencies working with clients in the juvenile justice system. Find out more at saviogroup.org.