Child Protection


Child Protection DenverThe Savio CBS Child Protection programs strive to:

  • Prevent child abuse and neglect; and,
  • Strengthen families so they may remain a family intact.


  • Family Preservation Services to prevent out-of-home placement; or,
  • Family Reunification Services to transition children from out-of-home placement to the home.

Key Concepts

  • Team Decision Making (TDM) – Family Group Conferences – Involvement of extended family and kin is a philosophical basis of the program, family ties are strengthened or re-established from the beginning of the program; formal family group conferences and/or TDM’s are also held with the support of the Department of Human Services;
  • Treatment Support Meetings – This family centered, strength-based monthly staffing process includes parents, extended family, Savio staff and supervisor, the Department of Human Services caseworker, GAL, and other involved professionals. These meetings are anchored in the Colorado Assessment Continuum, and focus on protective concerns that need to be resolved to eliminate the need for child welfare involvement. A Work Plan is established with the team outlining specific goals to be accomplished, action steps, strengths, and time frames for completion.
  • Therapeutic Supervised Visitation – Savio staff supervise visitation and work directly with parents to improve parenting skills, eliminate safety concerns and reduce the time in out-of-home care; and,
  • Parenting Skills Development – Families receive both group and individual instruction with an emphasis on alternatives to physical discipline, household management, consistent delivery of rules, consequences and rewards, knowledge of developmental milestones and nutrition.


  • The therapeutic approach must be empirically grounded and consistently implemented.
  • There must be quality control of therapist adherence to treatment standards.
  • The therapist is accountable for engaging the family in the process of change.
  • Families are an integral part of the treatment team and define the case goals.
  • Case plans must focus on the specific behaviors that created the abuse and/or neglect as compared to global, non-directional therapy.
  • Create initial success by first impacting behavior which promotes cognitive changes.
  • Connect families to resources and community agencies that can address needs and resolve barriers
  • Empower parents to fulfill their parental roles in order to permit continued success after discharge.

Assessment Tools (Colorado Assessment Continuum)

  • Colorado Safety Assessment and Plan
  • Colorado Risk Assessment; and,
  • North Carolina Family Assessment Scale – Reunification (NCFAS-R);


  • Strengthen the family unit with in-home, family dictated services;
  • Reduce child abuse/neglect by teaching parenting skills, eliminating safety concerns and reducing risk factors;
  • Establish permanency for children within reasonable and mandated time frames; and,
  • Provide 24-hour crisis intervention services by Savio staff.

Service Goals

Upon graduation the parents will possess the skills necessary to:

  • Maintain their children in their home;
  • Eliminate the need for Child Welfare and/or Juvenile Court involvement;
  • No longer abuse or neglect their children; and,
  • Improve overall family functioning.