Annual Report


Helping Families Reach Their Potential

Every family comes to us with a heartbreaking story. So often, they've battled difficult circumstances or seen their teen spiraling out of control for months or years before reaching Savio.

Every family also comes to us with tremendous potential. Children and adolescents are resilient and have an incredible ability to build off their negative experiences when they are supported by a safe and stable family.

Savio is intensely focused on outcomes because it reflects how well we move a family beyond their heartbreaking story and set them up to reach their potential.

Our annual report shares our outcomes for the past year, as well as an update on an exciting new Pay for Success program. This program is supported by investor capital from Northern Trust, Community First Foundation, Gary Community Investments, and the Denver Foundation which will match state dollars to expand services, with the goal of preventing or ending families' involvement in the justice or child welfare systems.

I'm proud to share this report with you to highlight our outcomes in 2018 and thank you for your support. You can also download our full annual report to view financial information, trustee list and contributor list. We are grateful for all of our supporters to make our work possible. Thank you.

~Norma Aguilar-Dave

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 Adolescent Outcomes


More than 3 out of 4 families are successful at the end of treatment


76% of families are successful one-year later

Success means families have met treatment goals - such as eliminating substance use and ending involvement in the justice system - and are safely reunited or remain intact.

 “(IT) feels like the pieces are being put back together” - Sierra 16

“I love our group home. I love the food and the staff. I want to be with them till I’m 18 or unless I get to go back to my dad".” - Ramon, 17


 Child Protection Outcomes


90% of families in our child protection programs are successful


89% of families are successful one-year later

Success always means families remain intact or are reunited in safe and stable homes

 “The best part of the program was being able to talk with my daughter and having her open up to me” -Leslie


How You’re Helping 50 Teens and Their Families

By the time Savio met Derrick, he had been running away from home for months. He’d been drinking, using drugs, stopped attending school, made physical threats, and in his mother’s words “was just generally mad.” His latest disappearance lasted four days and only ended when his parole officer found him after missing a court date related to a previous criminal charge.

Teens who are running away are usually in complex situations like this one and often end up living on the streets. To prevent this outcome, treatment organizations often place the child in a locked facility. Unfortunately, research shows placing youth in institutional settings with peers facing similar challenges can worsen the situation in the long-term and is best used as a temporary solution.

Runaway behavior is often the result of deeper problems within the family. Savio’s therapy programs work in the home with the teen and their family. This approach not only addresses symptoms of the problems like running away, but also the underlying issues such as domestic violence, abuse, and relationship difficulties within the homes.

Unfortunately, teens who run away can be challenging to engage in treatment. Support from donations allowed Savio to form a new treatment team and launch a new Pay for Success Partnership to support 50 Denver youth and their families. These families will be treated before problems escalate and they become involved in the justice system.

State and private investors provide funding for these services. The cost savings achieved by preventing these teens from ending up in the child welfare or justice systems will be shared with the investors who will receive a return on their initial financial investment.

You can download our annual report to view financial information, trustee list and contributor list.
We are grateful for all of our supporters who make our work possible. Thank you.