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Child Placement Agency - Foster and Group Homes

Providing foster and group homes with therapeutic services for children and youth, birth to eighteen years old, to assist in family reunification and youth emancipation. Savio House will recruit, train, certify and supervise family group and foster care homes. The Child Placement Agency service is either a direct placement or a step down transition from RTC/RCCF services, and will also serve children not currently benefiting and/or engaged in one of Savio House treatment programs.

Child Placement Agency Objectives are:

  • Provide for the health, safety, and permanency of children;
  • Advocate for children throughout placement;
  • Prepare children for reunification, adoption, independent living, or another permanent placement;
  • Prevent further abuse and neglect; and,
  • Create a support/training/monitoring network to assist children and group/family foster care homes throughout placement and reunification.

Program Philosophies

The Savio CPA program uses a Client-Centered/Humanistic Approach, which focuses on starting on the client's level, and working on the areas where they perceive they need help. The CPA program individualizes treatment interventions to address the specific needs of each client. The basic philosophy is to design the treatment to fit the client, rather than using a standardized treatment plan. Efforts are made to help the child understand and accept his/her current living situation and the relationships that are available there, which leads to the establishment and maintenance of quality relationships with significant adults. Caseworkers, foster parents, guardians, child (when appropriate) and other significant parties are included in decision making and are full participants in planning and service delivery. This philosophy includes the following beliefs:

  • Foster parents and biological parents are colleagues, with all parties working for change and ultimate goal of reunification or emancipation.
  • Each child is encouraged to maintain contact with biological parents and kin and support in making arrangements is discussed and offered according to the case plan.
  • Service providers will maintain a respectful, non-blaming attitude.
  • There shall be continuous, positive support for the child, foster parents, and biological parents.
  • A pro-active approach will be used in dealing with difficult issues that occur while the child is in care.

The key elements of the child placement program are service integration, case and system management, early identification and intervention, advocacy and sensitivity to individual differences.

Therapeutic Interventions

Counseling and therapy are established in the home and community, and build a base of immediate, attainable steps from which to solve more complex issues. Clients are introduced to and taught to use community resources which will provide lifetime support. Clients and families learn to communicate appropriately, solve problems effectively and evolve from dependency to self-sufficiency. Savio staff are given latitude to be flexible in their roles and to engage in a wide variety of activities with and on behalf of their families, in order to meet their specific needs.

Behavior Modification

Behavior modification techniques are taught to foster parents to refine parenting skills and improve family functioning. Positive programming is the primary means to control or replace nonproductive and/or negative behaviors. All interventions are based on positive techniques and are applied in a caring and humane manner.

Counseling Services

Individual counseling, family counseling and supervision, and all other interventions related to treatment are discussed during initial assessment with the referral representative. A determination will be made whether therapeutic service will be obtained through Savio counseling resources or contracted by referral source through an outside resource.

Educational Support

Educational support includes the following types of services:

  • Identifying educational levels and needs;
  • Facilitating the enrollment process by assisting in obtaining educational records, establishing transportation and serving as a liaison for the family and school personnel;
  • Providing tracking services for clients by monitoring attendance, progress and grades;
  • Discussing alternatives for increasing attendance and performance; and
  • Encouraging parental support in the educational process by empowering them to administer appropriate consequences and rewards and by returning responsibility of school involvement to the parents.

Community Resources

CPA Workers connect to and teach use of community resources to foster/group homes and foster children in times of need or crisis. Savio assists in finding resources for various needs including, but not limited to:

  • Job placement and training for foster children;
  • Food and clothing;
  • Health care;
  • Respite care;
  • Legal assistance;
  • Recreation;
  • Educational organizations
  • Government offices;
  • Banks; and
  • Other community resources.

If the youth has court-ordered community service, the CPA Worker will assist them in finding a location to complete the requirements and monitor hours worked.

Role Modeling

Role modeling includes:

  • Modeling socially appropriate behavior;
  • Demonstrating effective coping skills;
  • Establishing a healthy interpersonal relationship; and
  • Identifying appropriate interpersonal boundaries.

Crisis Intervention

Savio provides families with 24-hour, 7-day-a-week crisis intervention through the use of an emergency pager. Caseworker and therapist assigned to child will be notified of extreme crisis in order to collaborate future treatment needs. Staff strives to prevent further problems by assisting the client and family in resolving crises on their own and ultimately teaching them how to identify and prevent them. Staff attempt to assist the client and/or family in determining a reasonable course of action for resolving a crisis rather than relying on past ineffective means. Clients and families are also aided in exploring community resources for support and crisis management.

For more information contact: Rebecca Carpenter, Child Placement Agency Coordinator, 303-225-4108